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At Gen2 our goal is to help clients embrace organisational agility by harnessing the power and knowledge of those within the business to deliver great outcomes for their customers. We help embed the organisational structures, mind-sets and behaviours that enable the business to work at pace while remaining aligned; and assist with forming the fundamental building blocks that allow them to adapt to any number of future challenges they may face.

Our Agile Transformation specialists have helped clients start and/or mature their organisational agility. We guide you through an implementation approach that increases the speed of delivery, improves productivity, lifts staff engagement and ensures alignment between strategy and execution. There is no cookie cutter approach to this journey, we work with each individual client to understand their business, focus, drivers and customers and adopt best practice models to get the best outcomes for everyone.


Some examples of what Gen2 have done when working with clients on this Agile transformation journey:

  • Established Portfolios within large organisations helping link strategy and execution on a quarterly rhythm 

  • Facilitated and mapped Value Streams and got organised around the flow of value

  • Helped clients move from Projects to Product management practices

  • Established and facilitated Program Increment (PI) planning

  • Established or transformed cross functional teams and changed the way they deliver work

  • Embedded practices that help improved behaviours and reshaped organisations culture

Want to know more about how we can help you? Contact us today.

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