We provide specialist security consulting, security architecture/engineering and managed security services that are designed to:

  • manage and reduce business exposure to risks related to information security;  and  

  • remove security threats as a barrier to business innovation and change.  

Our goal is to help businesses operate securely by design, eliminating the impacts of preventable threats, thus allowing our Detect and Respond services to better protect clients by focusing on the unavoidable threats and identifying abnormal behavior. 



Our Consultancy services focus on helping clients keep ahead of the security risks so that they don’t become barriers to innovation and change. Gen2’s Consultancy services include: 

  • Security Governance

  • Cyber Risk

  • Security Architecture & Design

  • Security and Privacy Compliance

  • Security Operations Consultancy & Advice  


Gen2 provides services to NZ Government agencies through the AoG Security and Related Services Panel


Experience gained consulting with clients helps Gen2 identify emerging areas of need that can be addressed by our Managed Security Services.


Our Managed Security Services deliver a practical implementation of your risk management discipline/framework.  While we can’t eliminate business and security risks, our Managed Security Services allow us to: 

  • Influence:

    • the likelihood that a risk occurs 

    • the impact of the occurrence of a risk on your business 

    • the potential for an escalation of that business impact

  • Build and mature our joint understanding of what is “important” and what is “normal” within your business 

  • Prioritise the way that your limited resources are deployed to provide that greatest possible reduction in risks facing the business 

  • Continuously improve operational processes, architectures, and controls to better protect your business and prevent future/repeat attacks. 

Gen2 provides services to NZ Government agencies through the AoG TaaS Managed Security Services Panel.



Gen2 provides our clients with the practical advice and consultancy  services required to help them deliver secure systems and services. We look to specialist partners to independently test the results that we deliver while working alongside our customers.

If you don’t already have a referred Penetration Testing Partner, we recommend that you consider ZX Security.